I’ve seen several movies and seen several love scenes or rather display of love scenes, some were very touchy some were annoying and others quite above me. Here’s my list of things I wouldn’t do and would do for love.



1) Jump from an American muscle car on high speed over a bridge and unto another car; I mean I’m not that suicidal now and why in blazes will I date a girl that is close cahoots with someone who will steal an amoured tank. But even if, the highest I could do is shout NOOOOO! when I see her falling, cry for some days and yeah bury her.[Fast & Furiuos 6]

2) Put myself in the position of facing jail time. HAHA we went for a robbery together and you weren’t smart enough to get away from the police, then I let myself get caught (even though you never loved me) hoping that when I get out of jail we’ll marry, make babies and grow old together. Twufia! You’ll go to jail and die there.[The Theives]

3) And of course the ultimate of them all, crème de la crème of all no no’s for love. I could still survive jumping off a bridge (yes there’s a slim chance, if i answer the questions to the physics involved before i jump) and of course jail term is no biggie, id be in stuck in one place for year (but ill be getting fat off tax payers money).

 What i wouldn’t do is dying by your side in freezing water when there is just enough space on the floating wood for the both of us; even if the space isn’t enough, we’ll take turns in the water my dear (mi o le wa ku). Yes we love each other let’s stay alive for each other, Thank you.

Don’t even begin to judge for what i wrote, I’m not any of those things you’re thinking. I’m very romantic i think, I could catch a grenade water balloon for anyone I love.[The Titanic]



1) Make you be in two places at the same time; we’ll take a fun road trip and you’ll get to stand one leg in the USA Ogun and the other in Mexico Cotonou. I really hope that’ll make you happy.[A Walk To Remember]

2) I’ll have special ears for you in times when you need me even if I’m in Jos and you’re on Mars. I’ll be at your beck and call (shout well sha)[Man Of Steel]

3) And then when we get married, we’ll grow old together even if you age backwards. I’ll be at your side helping you walk at your old/teenage age ^ rock you at your infant/old age till the end. I’ll be there.[The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button]







Like any other dysfunctional relationship there was a fall out, and guess who went out the door! This long while ive been visiting my blog everday during the week and just staring at it wandering where to start from, how to rekindle the love we once shared, mend the relationship and makes us whole again.

   Sometimes i even decided it wasnt meant to be, LBB and I were two different personalities that couldnt possibly work online (we do well offline 😀 ) so i just went on with my life, answering my friends that asked me questions like;

Guy how far your blog

with replies like

ive been writing, i just need to post them” OR “im trying to rebrand

 Reasons i had concocted and convinced myself to believe so i could postpone getting back with LBB, most times i just read other blogs most especially  Timi Yesiebo’s Lively Twist, hoping that one day after reading one of their posts ill serenade myself back to my long lost lover (it did help a bit).

   Well it took a long while but im back now, putting in mind all the flaws this relationship had and promising to do things better -like upload posts frequently- and staying in this relationship no matter what happens, cause ive come to realise how much this means to me and all of you who kept on cheering me on about re-uniting with LBB Thank you very much guys, may this love last…

                                                                            IM BACK!!!!!!!




Red, reD, rED, rEd…….RED


My name is Red, im not blue, neither am I my cousins wine and orange and I can never be green. If I were green, I couldn’t stop traffic, valentine would be ugly and KFC won’t just be it. So I have decided to be red; to be myself.

     There are many time in life we want to be like someone else, probably because the person has it going for him and then the people love his personality, but there was a time that person also felt like being someone else, he probably tried but that wasn’t just him, all he had to do was discover himself the more. This doesn’t exclude us from learning from others, it is to motivate us to be ourselves even in our learning process rather than just be copycats.

I recently learned that there are about 43 shades of orange, some of those shades look like other colours but no matter how much that orange looks like red, it still is called orange. That shade of orange learnt some vital lessons from red and adopted it to his lifestyle. Trying to be someone else would just make you a shadow, a reflection of someone’s actions and accomplishments, never knowing yourself and colouring the world with all the beautiful shades inside you.

        If you are red, you can always be RED, reD, rED, rEd or Red just make sure you always spell up to “r”, “e” and “d”.


PS: I stole this from my friend  (Etuk Joe @joetuk_) don’t tell him 🙂



I recently joined this book writing class which i enjoy very much and we were given this assignment; to write about something we would like change in this world if we had the opportunity. This assignment took time cos there’s a lot in the world that needs change, after much pondering here’s what i wrote……

#99 that was all James had and he needed #1oo to get the nice pair of socks he saw at the stall the other day. He had rummaged the house in search for #1 to no avail, it could be small but #1 would make the difference. #100 is only as good as the #1s that makes it up.

If I had the chance to change one thing in this world I’d change myself because a change in the world has to begin with one person. Many people have neglected this when they want to impact, they’ve neglected the fact that when you change, others around you will change too. You as 1 person can do a lot to 99 people that are around you and they in turn can spread the effect to others. It begins with you.

All the great revolutionists in this world, worked tirelessly on building up themselves and the process they built up the world, the likes of Thomas Edison, Socrates, Andrew Carnegie, Martin Luther King Jnr.


In my early years I decided to change the world

After very little success I resolved that the world is too big a place

So I decided to change my community with my youth years

But that proved difficult too

Then in my late years I decided to change my family but to no avail

Now on my death bed alas I realize that;

If only I had changed myself

I would have served as an example to my family

And have the influence spread to my community

Then the world would have been an easy place to change

-Source Unknown


When change yourself you create a ripple effect that reaches others around you and it goes on and on to affect your world. Ill change me to change you. 🙂



P.S: Sorry for taking so long before this post, school has resumed and there’s so much work 😦




Well it’s that time in your life again, the time when you feel you’ve not achieved enough and want to change your ways trust me I’ve felt like that before. I call it “the point of flip”.

This point of flip comes when you maybe listen to  one awesome sermon in church and the pastor proves to you how much it’ll benefit you if you redirect your steps, or maybe when you come across someone you really admire and decide to make that person your mentor. Several things trigger the feelings that demand for you to change and trust me its always for the better if you follow suite.

There are only so many “points of flips” a person can experience, if you choose to ignore every one of them you’ll soon end up at the wrong place

In a Yoruba home when a child is young and does some extreme things the mother says

Omo yi ma pa mi” – This child don’t kill me

But when the child is old enough and knows surely what not to do and the child still does it, this time the mother says

Omo yi ma pa ara e” – This child don’t kill yourself.

Well its another time for a flip (Just follow the steps in the picture)….. This child don’t kill yourself


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The Perfect Scene


She walked out of the hall where the main event was holding (her departmental dinner), and walked curiously but quietly following Tobi who had come to call her. She walked through the door of the opposite hall and was awoken from her thoughts by the serenade (it was only a violinist sha), she remembered the tune as she paid more attention it was her favorite song.

     Then she saw him, the glow in his eyes it was something she was used to by now but tonight it was different, the way he stared was different and she thought to herself –was he going to do it? – his stare showed loved and admiration

Yes he was going to do it; she realized that he was finally going to declare his feelings

He started his speech, his voice was a bit shaky but it only made her feel more comfortable because she was scared too then she carefully listened to every word she said 

                                “I’ve imagined this moment several times in my head and it always ended with us having a level of awkwardness after but I’ll still go ahead and do it. Most times I just feel like being crazy and wish I could just run over to your hall, holler your name till you come out and just pour out my feelings right there.

I never thought this could happen to somebody especially me, because I’ve seen so many movies and I’ll just laugh when a guy goes crazy over a girl but now I know it’s all real. Feeling this way about you is the best thing that ever happened to me; I can’t imagine a future without you in it (no seriously anytime I think about future stuff I always see you in it).

I secretly hoped you knew how much I cared about you all those times we spent together  –but yes she knew – this is the toughest thing I ever had to do in my life and I hope I don’t get to do it again (except ill be asking you to marry me I guess that will be tougher)

                                                My dear lady I Love You. ”

The one man serenade had long stopped; it was time for her to say something flutters in her stomach and too many words all jumbled up in her head, she opened her mouth and said something; but everything she said stopped at her face, she was too nervous to raise her voice; He came closer and held her hands in his and said “its okay”

 Feeling better with a smile on her face she said………………………………………


      What do you think she said?? Leave a comment 🙂


Love Yourself


Let’s assume take time out to just wonder if everybody was kind, all nice to each other and there was no single mean person in this world then kindness will be a normal thing, nothing out of the ordinary.

Or maybe if everybody was rich and lived in big houses and had a lot of money to throw around then there will be no was no poor person; wealth wouldn’t even be admired it wil be a normal thing that couldn’t possibly make any difference.

If everybody was you and you were everywhere and every copy of you acted the same way and did the same things then this world will just be full of you but yet very empty because there nothing different its all the same

Opposites always work hand in hand if there were no opposites there wouldn’t be a word (word and opposite); don’t ever why you are not more like someone else. You are you because you ‘is’ special.  Everybody has been grouped under a particular temperament as cliché, in that group there is a place cut out for just you. 🙂

Love who you are. Be yourself and be true to being yourself; copy the right things but don’t ever forget to add a spice of yourself – Be original!! It should always be more of you and little of others.

“People only see you the way you see yourself”